Amateur photographers everywhere have experimented at one time or another with many different kinds of backgrounds to really make their subjects stand out, and it usually takes a considerable amount of time to come to the same realization that professional photographers already know - that velvet backgrounds produce literally amazing results.

The reason for this is that many different background materials come out might lighter in photography, and produce disappointing results that more or less ruin the composition of the picture. Only velvet is rich enough and dense enough that it retains those same properties under the intense glare of artificial lighting, or of outdoor photography in bright sunlight. This is especially true of the darker tones of velvet, like black, cherry red, or navy blue - under even the most intense glare, these background colors remain true for a velvet backdrop.

Premier velvet

Photography Background with Velvet

If you're going to be using your velvet background for multiple shoots, and you want to retain it for future use, it's best to purchase the more expensive, 'premier' velvet, which is extremely dense and does the best job of holding its background color in photography. Other kinds of velvet may look just as good, but in terms of their usefulness as photographic backdrops, they just aren't quite as dense and they may not produce the same solid results you'd get from the more expensive cut.

The density of high quality velvet is what makes it so ideal for use in backdrops. As mentioned earlier, this is especially true of the darker shades, because they just absorb whatever light is directed at them, rather than reflecting it back and lightening the overall region around the subject of the shoot. 

Consider the contrast factor

Professional Black Cotton Velvet Background

Another reason that dark-colored velvet backdrops are the choice of professional photographers is that they are absolutely ideal for providing contrast with almost any object you may be shooting. When you have a subject that happens to be white or very light-colored, it's almost mandatory to shoot it against a dark velvet backdrop, so that all the detail of the subject can be brought out and highlighted. White backdrops are notorious for allowing in all kinds of background noise (visual), as well as other shadowy tones that confuse the issue, so they just aren't worth the trouble.

Find your ideal velvet backdrop

Amazing Background Photography with Velvet

If you expect to get some mileage out of your velvet backdrop, you should get the cut you need at Lushes Fabrics, the online store of choice for all premier velvet fabric purchases. Whatever color you had in mind, and however much you need to create the perfect backdrop for your photo shoots, you'll find it online at Lushes Fabrics. When your velvet package gets shipped to your location, you can tailor the backdrop yourself or have it made to your liking, and start making amazing pictures!

November 17, 2022 — Jose Uribe

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