Velvet curtains have been popular for centuries.  This type of fabric has been associated with royalty since the first velvets were first developed.  Today velvet fabrics still have that pristine appeal and are frequently used by interior decorators to incorporate a feeling of luxury and class into homes and buildings.

But are velvet curtains suitable for children’s rooms?   This type of curtaining is used all over the home, yet rarely found in kid’s rooms because most parents prefer to decorate according to a theme.   Well, many believe that velvet is the perfect curtain type for kid’s rooms.  Here’s why.

Velvet curtains are conductive

Plenty of children have a hard time at regulating their own body temperature and cannot feel when they are cold.  Winter chills can be terrible for a child that is already battling with a common cold.  Luxury velvet curtains can result in a much warmer bedroom because the thick fibers of these curtains have a conductive effect.  Bedrooms with velvet curtains lose much less warmth during those chilly winter months.

Velvet curtains create a healthier atmosphere

One of the disadvantages of velvet curtains is that it absorbs airborne particles pretty easily since these particles have a tendency to get caught in the soft pile.  But this disadvantage is tremendously beneficial to children.  Dust, pollen, dirt, and smoke that drift into the bedroom from outside get caught in the curtains and the air in the bedroom becomes filtered and cleaner.  Children breathe in fewer particles and are less likely to suffer from allergy breakouts since the curtains capture pollen.

Velvet curtains blend in with different décor styles

Velvet curtains for kids play room

Velvet curtains are very flexible and blend in well with various décor styles.  This includes plenty of children bedroom trends.  You can easily mix and match velvet curtains with basically any animated character or kiddies theme and the bedroom will look incredible!

A huge variety of colors to choose from


Cotton Velvet Fabric by the yard


Velvet curtains are available in a great variety of different colors.  This makes it easy to find a great and very bright color that will match your child’s bedroom perfectly.  Reds, soft greys, oranges, whites, creams, and purples are all incredible colors for children’s bedrooms.

Adds warmth to the room

Another big reason to use luxury velvet curtains in kid’s bedrooms is that these curtains add a sense of warmth to the bedroom and makes the entire room look a lot softer and cozier to sleep in.

Tiebacks can result in the perfect look

The right tieback can make formal looking curtains look perfectly child-friendly. Simply tie a stuffed animal with long arms around the curtain for a very fluffy and cute look.  Alternatively, you can add a tieback with soft fabric flowers for a charming girl’s room or add a chain for a rough boys bedroom look 

Velvet curtains are perfectly suitable for kid’s bedrooms.  In fact, this type of curtain is probably much better than other curtain types thanks to the filtering and conductive effects that these curtains have.

November 11, 2022 — Jose Uribe

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