Velvet is one of the most desirable fabric types in the world.  These luxury velvet fabrics are woven by using a cut thread method that results in a very short, soft and smooth pile that gives velvet fabrics their luxurious feel.  Velvet fabrics are used for a great variety of purposes but the most popular use of this fabric is in curtaining.  Velvet curtaining does wonders for the overall look of your home.  The fabric instantly creates a luxurious, warm and soft vibe for any room. 

These fabrics are also incredibly durable and are very unlikely to fade over time.  But velvet curtains are also quite delicate and can easily be damaged if you attempt to wash them yourself.  Velvet fabrics should be dry cleaned only. 

We have all been there where there just isn’t enough time to drive all the way to the dry cleaners to get those curtains cleaned professionally when they need it.  That is exactly why Lushes Fabrics are sharing all of the best quick fix methods to cover up or get rid of unsightly curtain messes when the time isn’t on your side.

Repair a tear instantly

A tear in your luxury curtains can be a heartbreaking nightmare.  You cannot exactly grab a needle and thread and stitch up a tear because the thread will always be visible.  An alternative way to get your tears repaired instantly is by using iron-on fabric.  Grab your curtain and a piece of iron on fabric, push the tear together tightly and iron the fabric to the back of the curtain.  The pile of the velvet will make this tear virtually invisible and the iron on fabric will keep the tear closed up.  Alternatively, you can grab fabric glue and dab a little bit of glue on a patch fabric and stick it to the back.  This can also be a good patch but you should be careful not to use too much glue or the glue will seep through and be visible on the top side of your fabric.

Use a tieback to cover up spots

Hide Stains with Curtain Tassel Tiebacks for your Velvet Curtains

With a simple tieback, you can conceal spots on your curtain.  Simply tie your curtain back and ensure that the spots are hidden away in the folds of the fabric.  Take your curtains to the dry cleaners when you have the time.

Sew on fabric flowers

Sew on fabric flowers to your velvet curtains

Some spots cannot be removed from the fabric, which is quite devastating.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to buy new curtains just yet.  Grab a bunch of fabric flowers that match your room or curtains and sew these flowers over the spots and in random areas. This can be a very interesting upcycle for your curtains and is a great way to cover up spots.

Use your clothes steamer for wrinkles

If your curtains are wrinkled up you can get these wrinkles out without having to remove your curtains.  Simply grab your clothes steamer and use the steam.  The steam will relax the creases in just a few minutes. While your curtains remain hung.

These quick-fix solutions are brilliant for getting some of the most common curtain issues solved in minutes so you can enjoy a perfect view even though time isn’t on your side.  

November 29, 2022 — Jose Uribe

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