Antique Brass Metal Grommet Eyelets Size #12 - Design #14


Pack Size

This is for Quality Metal Curtain Drapery #12 Hardware 1-9/16 inches (3.96 cm) Beautiful Decorative Design Grommets with Washer Eyelets. Our grommets are made from high-quality metal, so they'll hold up well over time. And if you ever need to replace one of our rings or grommets, we have plenty in stock!

Color: Antique Brass

Pattern Design: #14

Which come in Packs of: 10 / 25 / 50 / 100

The inner diameter of the Grommets measures 1 9/16 in. (3.96 cm). The outer measurement of the Grommets is 2 1/2 in. (6.35 cm).

These Grommets are to be applied by a Hand Tool or Machine Applier Only. These Grommets Do NOT Snap on together, nor are they made out of cheap plastic. So you will be needing a #12 Die Hand Tool 1-9/16 in. (40mm), to apply these metal grommets to the curtains.

You can find The Grommet Hand Setter Tool Kit You Need to Install these grommets Here:

These Grommets are great for Rods that measure 1/2in. (1.27 cm) -1 1/2in. (3.81 cm) thick.

Please Note that our Grommets are finished using a variety of natural processes. Each Grommet Color and Texture will be unique. The Actual Grommets can and will vary slightly from what is shown in the pictures.

Great for Purses, Curtains, Drapes, Furniture, and more!


Made out of Quality Metal
1-9/16" (3.96 cm) inner diameter
Each Grommet comes with a Front and Back washer
Beautiful Decorative Design

Please look at the pictures for a better description of this item. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.