Officially known as JOANN, Jo-Ann Fabrics is an artisan`s paradise. The popular retail chain carries everything from patterns and beads to thread and yarn, so you can enjoy one-stop shopping when starting a new project. However, if you regularly rely on local stores for supplies, you may be disappointed to learn that JOANN will soon be closing some stores. Read on to see which stores will be closed starting January 22nd. Don't buy these things at the dollar store READ NEXT: Family Dollar and other discount chains are closing stores starting Friday as well.

Various arts and crafts stores have closed in recent months. Woman shopping in an art store Semyonov Pavel / Shutterstock JOANN isn't the only cunning closing chain, as beloved Texas retailer Asel Art Supply recently announced on Facebook that it's closing business and closing all stores through December 31st. How is this good for you? Shoppers can now save up to 50% on ongoing sales across all six brick-and-mortar stores before they disappear.

Even merchants without a brick-and-mortar store suffered when online retailer posted a warning that it would "no longer sell the product." The notice was posted on the store's website, confirming that the fabric retailer, which had been operating for nearly 30 years, officially closed on October 20th. According to the Associated Press, the decision was made by Amazon, which acquired in 2008 to cut costs.

Luckily, JOANN is still open, but some stores are on the verge of closing. Customers in West Virginia will lose their location. Joann fabric shopping cart According to CBS affiliate WDTV, the JOANN store in Bridgeport, West Virginia will see its final days on January 22, 2023. According to a November 15 article by mall owner Cafaro, the store is located in the Meadowbrook Mall and is currently undergoing renovations to make room for new tenants. A total of 11 apartments are being demolished from the mall and are "scattered from one end to the other," said Bridgeport Community Development Director Andrea Kerr. This includes the "coming soon" JOANN store that has been operating for over 30 years at Meadowbrook Mall. Retailers have sales before closing. 

Joann Fabrics business closing sale

According to WDTV, JOANN officials confirmed that the final sale will begin on November 27, before closing in January. When the Bridgeport store is gone, the closest JOANN locations will be in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, both of which are over an hour away. According to Kerr, other retailers at Meadowbrook decided to move to other areas of the mall, including a Marshalls location and a comic book store, but JOANN is one business that decided to close instead. "While there were some changes and some stores have closed, other stores have decided to keep open and relocate to different portions of the mall and that speaks volumes for the future of the mall," Kerr said.

Meadowbrook's new retailer has yet to be confirmed, but Cafaro anticipates making a formal announcement in January, according to the company's website.

Another store on the East Coast is also closed. Leaving Joan's Textile Shop
Sadie a JOANN store in Keene, New Hampshire, is also closing on January 22, reports The Keene Sentinel. The store is located in the West Street Mall and the liquidation sale opens the same day as the Bridgeport store. An employee confirmed the closing date for The Keene Sentinel and added that the retailer's lease expires at the end of January. The employee requested that they not be named, as they didn't want to "jeopardize their employment before the store closes," the outlet reported.

Store associates were informed of the closure six weeks ago, but weren't provided with a reason, according to the employee. "It's been tough; it was a shock and a disappointment," they said. "I wish they would have relocated us instead of closing down." In a statement provided to Best Life, JOANN confirmed that, overall, it has "no plans to closes its stores, and will continue to be the source for creators to bring their inspiration to reality." "In alignment with standard brick and mortar business processes, JOANN closes stores occasionally while simultaneously investing in, and opening brand new stores to best meet the needs of our customers," the retailer said, adding that eight stores in total (out of 800) are closing in the next three months. "JOANN will continue to unveil new stores with updated features and offerings in 2023. JOANN physical store locations and the ecommerce business will continue to be available to customers, as we advance our mission to inspire creativity." The closest JOANN location is a bit of a drive from Keene, but another craft store is coming to town. exterior of a hobby lobby store in the daytime Lambert Current employees were offered the opportunity to transfer to other JOANN stores, but this would potentially involve a commute or a move. Much like the situation in West Virginia, the closest stores to Keene aren't necessarily close by.

But artisans at Keene won't be so lucky, as The Keene Sentinel also reports that a hobby lobby is set to open at the West Street Mall. No official date has been set, but store signage is in place and the store is undergoing renovation.
Ending JOANN and reopening Hobby Lobby has not been officially linked

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