With the holidays nearly upon us, many people are spending their time and money decorating their homes to reflect the spirit of the season. But for your elderly loved ones living in assisted living communities, they may not realize or have the decorations available to them to help them make their home ready for the holidays, too. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to help with this.

To help you see just what you can do to be of service in this way, here are three ways to help your loved one in assisted living decorate their room for the holidays. 

Put Up Decorations Together

Because holiday decorations likely weren’t on the short-list of things that your loved one wanted to bring with them when they moved into assisted living, bringing these things along for them now can be a great idea. 

Rather than just dropping off some decorations for them to handle on their own, spend some time with them and help them put decorations up around their room. If there are family decorations that meant a lot to your loved one when they were able to decorate their own home, consider bringing those decorations to help them remember the memories they were able to make in holiday seasons over the years. 

Find Ways To Make Decorations Low-Profile

In many rooms in assisted living facilities, there isn’t really a lot of space for many decorations. Especially if your loved one has mobility issues, you’ll want to make sure that any decorations you bring in won’t hinder their ability to safely move around their room. This can usually mean that large decorations are out of the questions. 

For decorations that usually take up a lot of space, like a Christmas tree, try to think of ways that you can make these decorations more low-profile. For Christmas trees, you could string garland on the wall and hang ornaments there. You could also use photos of certain decoration items rather than the items themselves. 

Don’t Forget About The Holiday Music

It’s not only the physical decorations that can help your elderly loved one get into the spirit of the season. Things like holiday goodies and holiday music can also help to make your loved one enjoy and appreciate the holidays. So if you know of a holiday goodie that they always used to make or a few holiday songs that are their favorite, bringing those things when you come to decorate can help to make the whole atmosphere more complete. 

If you’re wanting to help your elderly loved one decorate their room in their assisted living facility, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find some great ways to do this. 

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