The influx of cargo pants and oversized fits in 2023 is a sign that streetwear is still influential in both the mass and luxury markets. Celebrities and social media have helped shape the category, making it embrace trends from other genres such as sport and workwear. The return of cargo pants is being driven by the Y2K and gorpcore trends, with a 198% increase in women’s arrivals, and a 98% increase in men’s. Gen Z is embracing the Y2K style, with 20% of first majority sellouts over the period in women’s wear.

2023 Streetwear Trends Y2K Styles

To update women’s cargo pants, look for elevated fabrics like silk and satin, while men’s pants should incorporate technical fabrications, sporty details, and a cropped length. Grunge themes will also lead to cargo options becoming more popular in denim, with a 257% increase in men’s sales and a 971% increase in women’s.

Maxi skirts are also gaining traction in the streetwear scene, making up 29% of skirt arrivals in the mass market. Cargo skirts are popular, as well as low-rise, parachute, and denim versions. Luxury skirts are taking a sleeker approach, with silk and satin fabrics and maxi lengths.


2023 Streetwear Trends Cargo skirts


Moto jackets are also returning, with 75% of sales made up of black, green, brown and gray. Padding, color-blocking, and zipper details are trending in women’s wear, while minimal looks are popular for men’s. Denim leather jackets are also trending, with faded and acid-washed styles from designers like Diesel and Givenchy.

The fleece top is also getting attention thanks to partnerships between The North Face and buzzy brands like Gucci and KAWS. Neutral colors are popular, as well as psychedelic and stoner motifs. Functional designs remain a key selling point, with contrast tape details, half-zips, and unconventional silhouettes being popular.

Finally, soccer jerseys are having a moment as well. Gucci and Adidas have both released collaborations featuring soccer jerseys, while they are also a staple of Martine Rose’s Spring 2023 collection. The trend is also spilling over into preppy looks, with collegiate graphics appearing on sweats, accessories, and knitwear. Chinos, oxford shirts, fleeces, and knit.


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January 16, 2023 — Jose Uribe

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